Linecard – Sensors, Buzzers and MMI


PIC supplies surface mount or through hole reed switches, level sensors and Hall effect sensors.


Sonitron manufactures panel mount and board mount piezo buzzer , piezo electric speakers and sirens in Belgium.


GCI is a subsidiary to Panyu Datong and specialised in customized buzzers, with internal or external oscillators.

Advanced Acoustics

Taiwanese Advanced Acoustics is a leading manufacturer of buzzers, loudspeaker elements, receivers and microphones. AATC is a flexible and fast partner for various customized products within its product segments.

Coto Technology

Coto Technology manufacturs reed relays for use within test-, automation-, survelience and automotive.


The German company Printec-DS manufactures a wide range of standard and customized industrial keyboards and other HMI solutions, including touch.


Gett manufactures a wide portfolio of membraneswitch keyboard, stainless steel keyboards and silicon keyboards with or without integrated pointing devices. The portfolio includes IP68 washable keyboard and anti-bactrial keyboards

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