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Comptronic since 1989

Since the start in 1989, Comptronic AB delivers board mounted electronical components and complete products to OEM companies and subcontractors. Most of the time shipments are made from our warehouse in Spånga to customers in Sweden and Northern Europe.
At Comptronic, we mainly work with component manufacturers that we know well and we act as their extended arm into the Nordic market. The components and products that we are working with can often be customized.

Comptronic strive to be competent supplier throughout the entire customer product life cycle. During the pre-study and design phase, we provide technical information and product samples. When the customer´s product goes into production, we keep buffer stock according to forecasts in order to make on-time deliveries.
For our business operation it is important to have suitable software tools. We have been using the same software for project information since 1995 and the same enterprise resource planning system since 2007. Both systems have been updated over the years. For IT maintenance and security we have a long term external business partner. Comptronic is a privately owned, self-financed company that values good business ethics. We protect confidential information of our external partners the same way as we protect information about ourselves. We cooperate with both Swedish and foreign authorities to prevent that high-tech components ends up in wrong hands.


Cooperating in focus

The most valuable asset of Comptronic is our employees. Each employee should feel important and needed. We strongly believe that employees who knows how to fully use their given empowerment, will improve work both for themselves, their colleagues and external companies. Our goal is that our external partners feel that they get support from a certain business professional and not just a function within the company. We strive to have good availability on both email and phone during the workdays of the year, and we can communicate in Swedish, English and Spanish.

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