Linecard RF/Microwave/FCP

Clear Microwave specializes in the design and manufacture of microwave and millimeter-wave components and subsystems from DC to 40 GHz  

Mtron PTI manufactures crystal based oscillators , temperature compensated oscillators (TCXO), voltage controlled oscillators (VCXO) and owen oscillators (OCXO). The portfolio also includes filters (low pass, high pass, band pass) and complete RF power amplifiers.

Synergy Microwave is a leading manufacturer of low phase noise VCO with wide band width. They also offer complete PLL syntheziers, hybrid couplers, mixers and power dividers.

B&Z Technologies designs and supplies high reliability, ultra wideband, low noise, medium power, microwave and millimeter wave amplifiers in the 5 kHz to 60 GHz range.

Charter Engineering, Inc manufactures  RF- and microwave switches with coaxial relays. Charter is specialised on switches with ultra low intermodulation (for example PIM -160 dBc min.) and high power switches (for example 2kW at 500 MHz).      

ZTS Technologies Co., Ltd  is specialized in attenuators & terminations up to 67GHz, power dividers, directional couplers up to 50GHz, isolators, circulators, filters up to 40GHz, DC blocks and coaxial detectors up to 18GHz.

MCV Microwave offer bandpass filter, band reject filter, lowpass filter, highpass filter, multiplexer, broadband antenna solutions, ceramic filters, lumped element filters, combline cavity filters, waveguide filters, suspended substrate filters helical filters, dual band GPS patch antenna, broadband patch antenna and patented hybrid  antenna.     

Berex product portfolio includes RF components including gain blocks, local drive amps, IF ICs, power amplifiers, discrete devices, switches, mixers, LNAs and other RF integrated circuits.


MI Cable´s product portfolio includes for example High Performance Test Cable Assemblies, VNA26-series DC-26.5 GHz for Vector Network Analyzer, Precision 2.92 and 3.5 Adapters.

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